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We’re a team of friends— made up of teachers, artists, cooks, and young professionals- working to bring you great ideas and insights through tangible, albeit silly, and exciting avenues.

Becca Bryan / Master Maker
Founder & Creator

Becca is a transplant from the golden corn fields of Illinois. After attending college in Pennsylvania and receiving her BA in Studio Art, she (somewhat as a fluke) made her way to Connecticut and began laying roots of her own. However, her Midwest mentality has never faded: “Create with care, cook with love, and always use butter!” Whisk + Brush was born out of the desire to create a platform for her personal recipes and artwork, but she soon realized there was potential to create an entire community, both locally and virtually. Becca is a sharer and Whisk + Brush is just that: a place to share ideas, recipes, craftsmanship, experiences, and inspiration. Beyond W+B, Becca enjoys entertaining friends, reading, road tripping, listening to and making music, and lots and lots of hugs. She hates running, but does it anyway.

Krissy Osborne / Brand Boss
Branding Advisor

Krissy is a design entrepreneur with a passion for crafting meaningful experiences through products that engage and delight. With in the last five years, Krissy has built and directed a gallery space in New England, worked side by side with Connecticut farmers and agriculture enthusiasts and independently manufactured decor products for retailers like Anthropologie, Terrain and Nordstrom. Her love of craft culture and interest in consumer satisfaction have inspired her to think beyond what she can make with her hands and informed her desire to develop and nurture communities of people that emanate passion and authenticity. Recently launched, Krissy’s own venture, Make Shop, is making a splash- or rather beautifully speckling the horizon- in the way of adding pop and color to everyday life. And circles. Lots and lots of circles. Check it out here:

Olivia Bowen / Wordsmith
Editor of All Written Products & Captain of Grammar

Olivia grew up in a family of foodies (learning knife skills was right up there with completing homework) and knows the secrets to perfectly balanced risotto and eat-it-bythe-spoonful hummus. When she was twenty-one, she received a diagnosis of Celiac Disease (no wheat, barley, or rye), which turned out to be fantastic news. Not only did this free her from agonizing, full-body pain, it also forced her to eat foods beyond bagels and sandwiches–thus introducing her to a world of flavor. Beyond her W+B responsibilities, Olivia serves as the Website Manager for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and Founder / Executive Director of One Week to End Fistulas.

John Torres / Chief Dreamer
Conceptual Director & Lead Brainstorming Buddy

John knows nothing about food. Putting him in a kitchen is the equivalent of placing a rhino in a corset factory: ridiculous, ineffective, and- most likely- horrifying. However, being the oldest of 5 and growing up in a family of food lovers, bakers, cooks, and restaurant owners, John does have a knack for EATING (and he’s a pro when it comes to sink duties). But his real strength is the creative talent he has for visual and musical artistry. An art degree graduate of Carlton College, John has never stopped his pursuit for a life saturated with multiple mediums. Drawing, painting, printmaking, and graphic design are just a few of his forte. More recently, John is half the singer/songwriter Americana folk duo, Oh, Cassius!. With creative juices constantly flowing, it’s no wonder W+B has deemed John Chief Dreamer and Lead Brainstorming Buddy. Check out more of John and his happy trails at: 

Lauren Golembeski / Ms. Foodie MacGyver
Nosh Nerd & Researcher

Lauren realized early on that cooking was a charmed affair, as cooking so often came before big love fests where family and friends gathered to eat. She first learned how to cook at her grandmother’s knee, as she watched her guided hand beat cream puff dough, sauté pierogies, and thumb gnocchi. Anytime thereafter, whenever she found herself in a room with a proper cook, she similarly gazed on to absorb any new tricks. On most nights, Lauren will either be found streaming foreign cooking shows, reading indie food mags or cooking for loved ones. But what makes her food fanaticism over the top is that this occurs after a full work day of scouring restaurant menus and food magazines for her job as a culinary trend spotter. Through the years, Lauren has developed a natural and organic approach to food that allows her to find harmony and balance in her cooking. Understanding balance, along with her resourcefulness, lends a hand to fix most culinary dilemmas, thereby making Lauren a true MacGyver in the kitchen.

Betsy Arroyo / Foodie Mamasita
Company Sidekick

Betsy shares the same hometown as W+B: Bridgeport! Growing up in “da hood” of Little Puerto Rico, Betsy ate her fair share of rice, beans, and plantains. Once she became a mom to two very picky eaters, Ivana and Olivia, she began to experiment with foods beyond her Puerto Rican roots (though rice remains the girls’ favorite side dish). Beyond her mommy duties and W+B responsibilities, Betsy works as an Associate with Northwestern Mutual. During her spare time (which is rare), she enjoys hiking and DIY home projects.

Alex Torres / Foodie Photog
Photographer, Photo Editor, & Food Crafter

Alex likes to keep it interesting. He’s like a modern day superhero, minus all those pesky super powers. By day, he teaches Physical Science in an urban school system. By night, he is hard at work creating delicious culinary masterpieces paired with tasty wines. Naturally, none of this would be complete without a picture (Instagram that!). Outside of his ‘jobs’ (it’s great to be paid to do what you love), you’ll find Alex sweating in a yoga studio, trying to beat his fitness goals and, uh, drinking wine. He really loves wine. And photography…and food.

Ryan Crane / Graphic Guru
Head of Design & Layout

Ryan is one of those left-brained types of people. He thinks in color, composition and typefaces. When he’s not staring at his screen, framing out a new website, or putting the finishing touches on a logo, he’s pencil in hand, sketching out his next big mark on our visual world. As a graphic designer, Ryan is always on the look out for new inspirations and opportunities to flex his creative muscles. Curious to see what else he’s been working on? Check out more of his work on his portfolio or blog.

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